Introduction to Jiggle physics and related mesh deformation

デュアルクォータニオン スキニング チュートリアル・解説 C++

COM and DirectX

Getting started with DirectX 11

Unreal Engine C++: Event, Dispatch, Delegates etc.

An alternative explanation to the obscure unreal doc. (first draft, some parts missing)

[Maya C++] add control curve/spline attribute

Allow user to customize a 2D curve (spline etc.) to control some parameters such as color, grading and more.

Distributing Maya plugins

I will discuss various ways you can ship a Maya plugin to users.

Diffusing / smoothing weight map over a triangular mesh.

Showcasing simple procedures with C++ code to smooth / diffuse per vertex weights over a triangle mesh.

Implicit surface a.k.a (signed) distance field: definition

Render by Elmar Glaubauf (

If I say "implicit surface" you may think of metaballs and marching cube, I'll show you there is more to it!

Learning japanese: a life's journey

Learning a language is quite a challenge, here I will gather some resources and thoughts about learning Japanese.

Dual Quaternion Skinning with scale

DQS with scale applied on the second to last joint. Left, globally propagates until the last bone, right, scale localized to each joint.

Transforming implicit surface (distance field) and their gradient

Transform normals given a deformation map

Blender 2.5 - 2.7 tutorial to animate a cylinder

Design of a simple sphere deformer to displace a mesh model

2D biharmonic stencil a.k.a bilaplacian operator

Draft / notes / memo

Harmonic function: definitions and properties

This is the second part of my tutorial series on bounded harmonic functions. For a quick introduction and examples of use of harmonic functions read the first part. In this part I define harmonic functions and their properties. This is the hard part with a lot of mathematics. But it's a mandatory step to understand how harmonic functions work. This will allow you to apply them in a broader context and understand many scientific papers relying on these. In addition this will be my entry point to introduce Finite Element Method in future posts. So hang on it's worth it!

How to generate bounded harmonic weights on a regular grid

Dual Quaternions skinning tutorial and C++ codes

日本語版・Japanese version

In this entry I provide [  C++ codes ] to deform a mesh with the famous Dual Quaternion Skinning (DQS) deformer.

Convert implicit surface defined with global support to compact support

Compute Harmonic weights on a triangular mesh

Here I describe the discreet Laplace-Beltrami operator for a triangle mesh and how to derive the Laplacian matrix for that mesh. Then I provide [  C++ code ] to compute harmonic weights over a triangular mesh by solving the Laplace equation.

Recipe for implicit surface reconstruction with HRBF

Compute distance field from point cloud data.
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