Unreal Engine C++: FMatrix doc sheet

#include "Math/Matrix.h"

Memory layout

Matrix elements are accessed with:


Therefore FMatrices are row major in memory.


(Since: int array[2][2] = { {0, 1}, {2, 3} }; In memory looks like this: 0 1 2 3)

Representation (CPU)

Recall that the "matrix representation" ≠ "memory layout". You can have a column-major memory layout but a row-matrix representation (basis vectors set as rows)

Ultimately it's only the user that knows how the numbers inside a FMatrices are organized but Unreal's convention is to use a row-matrix representation:

    X.x  X.y  X.z  0.0 // Basis vector X
    Y.x  Y.y  Y.z  0.0 // Basis vector Y
    Z.x  Z.y  Z.z  0.0 // Basis vector Z
    T.x  T.y  T.z  1.0 // Translation vector

FMatrix::setAxis() and methods alike uses row-matrix representation.


Because FMatrix convention is to use row-matrix representation the order you multiply matrices together is the opposite of the traditional math way:

Note that there is nothing particular about the implementation of the multiplication operator:

void FMatrix::mult(int A[N][N], int B[N][N]) {
    int C[N][N];
    for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {
        for (int j = 0; j < N; j++) {
            int num = 0;
            for (int k = 0; k < N; k++) {
                num += A[i][k] * B[k][j];
            C[i][j] = num;

But since UE lays out the coefficients of the matrix in a transpose way of the conventional math way, we need to reverse the order transforms are usually multiplied.

Representation (GPU/Shader)

Something pretty usual with FMatrix when it gets uploaded to gpu/shader in Unreal code base, is that it gets transposed and converted to a float3x4

FMatrix44f mat;
// fill mat
float mat3x4_columnMajor[12];
mat.To3x4MatrixTranspose(/*out: */ mat3x4_columnMajor);
// upload mat3x4_columnMajor to gpu

Therefore, usually, the code in the Unreal's shader relies on a column-matrix representation of the transformations and multiplication happens in the conventional math way: M3 * M2 * M1 * vec

float3x4 M1; // First transformation 
float3x4 M2; // Second transformation
vec3 new_position = mul( M2, mul( M1, vec3(position)));

Note: HLSL memory layout is row-major, just like a FMatrix memory layout is row-major. If we had not transposed it, we would multiply from the left inside the Shader code as well, just like in CPU code.

Code samples

// Copy constructor / copy operator :
FMatrix44f mat = FMatrix44f::Identity;	

mat.M[3][0] = 1.0f;
mat.M[3][1] = 0.0f;
mat.M[3][2] = 0.0f;

FMatrix44f mat2 = mat;

FMatrix44f mat3 = FMatrix44f::Identity;

mat3 = mat;

mat.M[3][0] = -1.0f;
mat.M[3][1] = -1.0f;
mat.M[3][2] = -1.0f;

// FMatrix is a 4x4 *double matrix:
FMatrix m = FMatrix::Identity;

m.M[3][0] = -2.0;
m.M[3][1] = -2.0;
m.M[3][2] = -2.0;

FMatrix44f mat4 = FMatrix44f(m);

// Convert transform to FMatrix:
FTransform tr = FTransform::Identity;
mat4 = FMatrix44f( tr.ToMatrixWithScale() );

// FVector is a 3D double vector:
FVector pos(1.0, 2.0, 3.0);
// multiply against the 4x4 matrix (pox.x, pos.y, pos.z, 1.0)
pos = m.TransformPosition( pos );


The order of multiplication is the same as a FMatrix:
vec * T1 * T2 * T3

T1 gets applied first and T3 last.

#include "Math/Transform.h"
#include "Math/Rotator.h"

FTransform tr{
    FRotator{ 10.0f, 20.0f, 30.0f },    // Rotation around each axis in degrees (y, x ,z)
    FVector{ 1.0f, 2.0f, 3.0f },        // Translation
    FVector{ 2.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f }         // Scale
FTransform tr_inv = tr.Inverse();
FTransform identity = tr * tr_inv;

FVector pos = FVector{ 50.0f, 60.0f, 70.0 };
FVector new_pos = tr.TransformPosition( pos );

// WARNING: be sure to use InverseTransformPosition() and not TransformPosition()
// Although each components (rotation, translation, scale) is inverted.
// You must also invert the order you apply the components to truly invert the transformation:
FVector back_to_pos = tr_inv.InverseTransformPosition( new_pos );

// On  the other hand when working with FMatrix you don't need to 
// pay attention to the above corner case:
FMatrix mat_inv = tr.ToMatrixWithScale().Inverse();
FVector back_to_pos = mat_inv.TransformPosition( new_pos );

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