Anki tip, inserting furigana (pop up on mouse hover)

How to make furigana appear above Kanjis in your anki flash cards like this: おはし上手じょうずですね!

Only a small modification of the template of your cards is necessary, open anki and go to tools->note type (or CTRL+SHIFT+N)


Select the template to which you want to add furiganas, here I choose "Basic" and click on the cards button:

Now we need to setup a new css styling, feel free to play with the colors, this style should be legible in both dark and bright mode theme:

ruby rt { color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);  text-decoration: underline dotted rgba(64, 107, 213, 1);  }
ruby:hover rt { color: grey; text-decoration: none; }

Now add furigana: as a prefix of the {{Front}} and {{Back}} tags, to activate the automatic generation of html tags when anki encouters brackets [] (i.e furigana):

<!-- On front and back side of the card change fields from -->

<!--  to this: -->

Now when creating cards, you can use brackets to display furigana:

Just prefix a Latin space before the kanji and put brackets right after it.


three comments


John - 24/02/2022 -- 13:05

Thank you so much

John2 - 09/02/2024 -- 11:43

This approach won’t work with automatic dark mode.

Raine - 04/03/2024 -- 21:57
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