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.MDD file exporter / importer source code (C / C++)

Anki: add syntax highlighting with javascript (highlight.js)

Cyclic Coordinate Descent Inverse Kynematic (CCD IK)


Anki tip, inserting furigana (pop up on mouse hover)

How to make furigana appear above Kanjis in your anki flash cards like this: おはし上手じょうずですね!

Blender 2.5 - 2.7 tutorial to animate a cylinder

AnkiDroid: How to solve "Syncing error, type: 409, message: Conflict" problem

I ran into the infamous message "Syncing error, type: 409, message: Conflict" while syncing my AnkiDroid with AnkiWeb on my Nexus 4. Here is the solution:

Trackball C++ code without quaternions

Building a new culture of teaching and learning

Theories around alternative systems for teaching and learning

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