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Find a tetrahedron circumcenter

Curvature of a parametric curve

Compute Bi-harmonic weights over a triangular mesh

Definition: Laplacian Matrix for triangle meshes

How to compute accurate vertex normals on irregular triangle meshes

Diffusing / smoothing weight map over a triangular mesh.

Showcasing simple procedures with C++ code to smooth / diffuse per vertex weights over a triangle mesh.

Laplacian smoothing (C++ code to smooth a mesh)

Dropping a procedure to compute the Laplacian smoothing of a 3D mesh (with cotangent weights).

C++ code for cotangent weights over a triangular mesh

2D biharmonic stencil a.k.a bilaplacian operator

Draft / notes / memo

Voro++.0.4.5 with cmake for easy compilation under windows

Dropping my code of the cmake version of voro++0.4.5 ]. It helped me to compile the voro++ library under windows with cmake.

Harmonic function: definitions and properties

How to generate bounded harmonic weights on a regular grid

Source code for poisson disk sampling of a triangle mesh

2d poisson disk

Curvature of a triangle mesh, definition and computation.

Defining and giving the formula to compute the curvature over a triangle mesh at some vertices.

C++ code for spline curves

2d spline

Compute Harmonic weights on a triangular mesh

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