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Maya math node summary

Maya C++ API: create a progress window

Maya C++ API: write a custom Linear Blending Skinning node

[Maya Mel/Python] look up array attribute connections

[Maya C++] add control curve/spline attribute

Allow user to customize a 2D curve (spline etc.) to control some parameters such as color, grading and more.

[Maya] Efficient Maya development environment

How to setup your IDE so that clicking 'build' allows you to test and run your Maya plugin without extra steps or application restart.

[Maya C++ API] paint weights with MPxDeformerNode

Distributing Maya plugins

MAYA_SHELF_PATH not working, empty Maya shelves

[Maya C++ API] Get selected vertices of a mesh

[Maya C++ API] Set skinning weight attributes

Some C++ Maya API code to set skin weights (multi attributes) of a skin cluster node.

Maya MEL commands and procedures

[Maya C++ API] Save MPxData attribute on file

[Maya C++ API] Unable to unload plugin in Maya

[Maya C++ API] Per vertex color update in MPxDeformerNode

Code snippet in C++ to be able to update the color of a mesh with Maya API on a per vertex basis.

MAYA MEL wait for idle events/evalDeferred to finish

A trick to pause the script until evalDeferred / scriptJob / idle are executed.

Maya summary

Summary of elementary Maya feature.

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