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2D harmonic stencil a.k.a Laplace operator

Maya: create hair follicules with MEL script

Definition of a Positive Definite Matrix

First derivative of a Bézier curve (full development)

Unreal Engine Slate UI examples

Display skin weights in Unreal Engine (Skeletal Mesh Editor)

Delta Mush in Unreal Engine with the Deformer Graph

Simple animation smoothing algorithm

Unreal Engine C++: how to add custom nodes to the deformer graph

Summary: Permutation Arrangement Combination

C++ code for 2x2 and 3x3 Eigen decomposition

MEL how to specify the skin weight value of a joint

Handling types with Python

How to clear out (set to 0) the rotation of a joint in Maya

MEL and Python code to change / reset the bind pose of a skinned mesh in Maya

MEL and Python code to restore joint positions to their bind pose based on skincluster's .bindPreMatrix

MEL and Python procedure to invert a 4x4 matrix in Maya

Bi-harmonic diffusion to smooth weight maps over meshes.

Skin weight optimization (lagrange) (4)

Skin weight optimization (matrix form) (3)

Matrix form second attempt