Jumble of Thoughts: here I give myself the liberty to freely write down anything, without caring about correctness, completeness, formatting or relevance. Those draft may be incomplete, incorrect, or just plain wrong. I may convert those notes into a proper article later on, or not.

All my notes on "curvature" (curve, surface etc.)

How to derive the formula of the curvature of a curve

General Leibniz rule Explained

Visualizing the inverse theorem

Maxima cheat sheet

A geometric interpretation of the cross product

Tensor basic definition

Avoid SVD to compute optimal rotation between point sets

Draft note

Polar decomposition of a 3x3 matrix

Leaving [  C++ code ] to decompose a 3x3 matrix into rotation and scale/shear with polar decomposition.

Gradient rules

Cheat sheet to differentiate expressions with the \( \nabla \) operator to compute gradients of various functions.

Singular value decomposition of a 2x2 matrix (C++ code)

Dropping some [ code here] to do a singular value decomposition (SVD) of a 2 by 2 real matrix.

C code for 4x4 matrix inversion

Just leaving some code here to invert either column or row major 4x4 matrices.

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