Maya MEL commands and procedures

How to find the MEL command associated to a menu in Maya? Sometimes Maya doesn't explicitly display the MEL command that is executed when you click on a GUI element. To find out which MEL command is used you should try and look in Window -> Settings/Preferences -> Hotkey Editor The hot key editor contains a long list to MEL shortcuts!

Here are some I had to look up by myself:

Mesh Display

In Maya GUI: Mesh Display -> Toggle Display Colors Attributes
MEL equivalent: toggleShadeMode();


In Maya GUI: Modify -> Paint Attributes Tool
MEL equivalent: ArtPaintAttrTool();

Modify -> Evaluate Nodes

In Maya GUI: Modify -> Evaluate Nodes -> Evaluate All
MEL equivalent: EnableAll();

In Maya GUI: Modify -> Evaluate Nodes -> Ignore All
MEL equivalent: DisableAll();

In Maya GUI: Modify -> Evaluate Nodes -> IK Solvers
MEL equivalent: setState iksolver true/false;

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