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Maya C++ API: create a progress window

Maya C++ API: write a custom Linear Blending Skinning node

Maya: look up array attribute connections

[Maya C++] add control curve/spline attribute

Allow user to customize a 2D curve (spline etc.) to control some parameters such as color, grading and more.

Efficient Maya development environment

How to setup your IDE so that clicking 'build' allows you to test and run your Maya plugin without extra steps or application restart.

[Maya C++ API] paint weights with MPxDeformerNode

Distributing Maya plugins

I will discuss various ways you can ship a Maya plugin to users.

MAYA_SHELF_PATH not working, empty Maya shelves

[Maya C++ API] Get selected vertices of a mesh

[Maya C++ API] Set skinning weight attributes

Some C++ Maya API code to set skin weights (multi attributes) of a skin cluster node.

Maya MEL commands and procedures

[Maya C++ API] Save MPxData attribute on file

[Maya C++ API] Unable to unload plugin in Maya

[Maya C++ API] Per vertex color update in MPxDeformerNode

Code snippet in C++ to be able to update the color of a mesh with Maya API on a per vertex basis.

MAYA MEL wait for idle events/evalDeferred to finish

A trick to pause the script until evalDeferred / scriptJob / idle are executed.

Maya summary

Summary of elementary Maya feature.

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