.MDD file exporter / importer source code (C / C++)

デュアルクォータニオン スキニング チュートリアル・解説 C++

Bar twist lbs bar twist dqs

Anki: add syntax highlighting with javascript (highlight.js)

Find a tetrahedron circumcenter

Parking space in Tokyo / Japan

Mistakes to avoid when buying a car in Tokyo / Japan

COM and DirectX

Getting started with DirectX 11

Curvature of a Distance field / Implicit surface

Curvature of a parametric curve

[Maya C++] add control curve/spline attribute

Allow user to customize a 2D curve (spline etc.) to control some parameters such as color, grading and more.

Cyclic Coordonate descent Inverse Kynematic (CCD IK)

SPI personality test - SPI性格検査・SPI模擬テスト・SPI問題集

Sample questions for the SPI personality test which is very popular in Job interviews (questions related to logic, language etc. are not present)

Efficient Maya development environment

How to setup your IDE so that clicking 'build' allows you to test and run your Maya plugin without extra steps or application restart.

Avoid SVD to compute optimal rotation between point sets

Draft note

Definition: Laplacian Matrix for triangle meshes

Definition of the Laplacian matrix and Laplace operator on a triangular mesh. I give an in depth explanation here.

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