Curvature of a parametric curve

(Draft / notes)

Let \( s: \mathbb R \rightarrow \mathbb R^3 \) be the function representing a parametric curve and \( t \in \mathbb R \) the curve parameter:

\[ c(s(t)) = \frac{ \| s'(t) \| }{ \| s'(t) × s''(t) \| }  \]

Where '×' is the cross product, \( s'(t) \) speed at \( t \) and \( s'' \) the acceleration.

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// Computes the curvature of a parametric curve f(x) as 
// c(f) = |f'|^3 / | f' x f''|
// More info here:
vec3 a, b, c, m, n;
// curve
vec3 mapD0(float t){
    return 0.25 + a*cos(t+m)*(b+c*cos(t*7.0+n));
// curve derivative (velocity)
vec3 mapD1(float t){
    return -7.0*a*c*cos(t+m)*sin(7.0*t+n) - a*sin(t+m)*(b+c*cos(7.0*t+n));
// curve second derivative (acceleration)
vec3 mapD2(float t){
    return 14.0*a*c*sin(t+m)*sin(7.0*t+n) - a*cos(t+m)*(b+c*cos(7.0*t+n)) - 49.0*a*c*cos(t+m)*cos(7.0*t+n);


float curvature( float t ){
    vec3 r1 = mapD1(t); // first derivative
    vec3 r2 = mapD2(t); // second derivative
    return pow(length(r1),3.0) / length(cross(r1,r2));

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