Learning japanese: a life's journey

Learning a language is quite a challenge, here I will gather some resources and thoughts about learning Japanese.


Starters (any level)



Detailed notes

If you don't know about space repetition learning (flashcards) applications I recommend you start getting informed. I have been using Anki desktop application since 2011 almost every day. You can learn anything from mathematics to Japanese.

Lessons in Tokyo

List of volunter class per district (there is an English button on the top)
Lessons are cheap, often around 500yen per lesson but the quality of teaching is often average.
If you find a good teacher it's good to guide you through learning grammar.

meetup.com nice to practice and find conversation partners, search for language exchange events. Some events are really informal and not suited for conversation so you might have to try a few of them. Don't expect to find very formal lessons there.

kumon courses more expensive but offer structured lessons.