[Maya C++ API] Get selected vertices

MSelectionList selection_list;
MItSelectionList iter(selection_list);
for ( ; !iter.isDone(); iter.next()) // For each selected object
    MObject component;
    MDagPath item;
    mayaCheck( iter.getDagPath(item, component) );
    MGlobal::displayInfo( item.fullPathName() );
    if( component.isNull() )
        continue; // No vertices selected.
    MStatus status;
    MItMeshVertex vert_it(item, component, &status);
    if( status == MS::kFailure)
        continue; // the component is not a vertex (perhaps face, edge etc.)
    for ( ; !vert_it.isDone() ; vert_it.next() )
        int af = vert_it.index(&status);
        MGlobal::displayInfo(MString(" index\n")  + af );

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