Jumble of Thoughts: here I give myself the liberty to freely write down anything, without caring about correctness, completeness, formatting or relevance. Those draft may be incomplete, incorrect, or just plain wrong. I may convert those notes into a proper article later on, or not.

[Maya] How to find and display the Orig shape of some deformed object

Multivariate Taylor polynomial

Mean curvature of a parametric surface s(u, v)

Mean curvature of a 2D function graph z = f(x, y)

Gaussian curvature of a 2D function graph z = f(x, y)

Gaussian curvature of a parametric surface s(u, v)

Curvature k of a 1D function graph y = f(x)

[Maya] Fbx import breaks / corrupts skincluster

[Maya] get adjacent vertices to a vertex

[Maya] Edit a mesh after skinning

Definitions for linear, affine transformations etc

[Maya] Create UVPin with MEL

Maya parsing command arguments sample code

2D harmonic stencil a.k.a Laplace operator

Maya: create hair follicules with MEL script

Definition of a Positive Definite Matrix

First derivative of a Bézier curve (full development)

Unreal Engine Slate UI examples

Display skin weights in Unreal Engine (Skeletal Mesh Editor)

Delta Mush in Unreal Engine with the Deformer Graph

Simple animation smoothing algorithm

Unreal Engine C++: how to add custom nodes to the deformer graph

C++ code for 2x2 and 3x3 Eigen decomposition

Summary: Permutation Arrangement Combination

MEL how to specify the skin weight value of a joint

Handling types with Python

How to clear out (set to 0) the rotation of a joint in Maya

MEL and Python code to change / reset the bind pose of a skinned mesh in Maya

MEL and Python code to restore joint positions to their bind pose based on skincluster's .bindPreMatrix

MEL and Python procedure to invert a 4x4 matrix in Maya

Bi-harmonic diffusion to smooth weight maps over meshes.

Skin weight optimization (lagrange) (4)

Skin weight optimization (matrix form) (3)

Matrix form second attempt

Skin weight optimization (matrix form) (2)

(Matrix form first attempt)

Skin weight optimization (main)

ARAP LBS paper

Compute barycentric coordinates of a tetrahedron

C code for 4x4 matrix inversion

Just leaving some code here to invert either column or row major 4x4 matrices.

Upgrade to CUDA 5.0: cudaMemcpyToSymbol invalid device symbol error

You have just upgraded to CUDA 5.0 and the function cudaMemcpyToSymbol() throws you the infamous "invalid device symbol" error. Here is what to do.

CUDA constant memory, namespace, and weird bugs

Edit: the usage of cudaMemcpyToSymbol describded below is deprecated since CUDA 4.1 (See also my new entry Upgrade to CUDA 5.0: cudaMemcpyToSymbol invalid device symbol error)

Today I want to discuss some issues I had with CUDA constant memory and share some workarounds.

Drag and drop not working in QTDesigner or QTCreator designer

This has upset me for some time and I finally found a forum entry solving this problem.

The problem: I wasn't able to drag&drop in QTDesigner any widgets from the widgets list to the form I was editing.
Solution found here: qtforum.org

You only need to add this entry to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Section "Module"
Load "extmod"

Broken F4 shortcut in Qtcreator for cuda files ".cu"

Well I'm using QtCreator to code my CUDA project and there has been a lot of things bothering me. Among them is this F4 shortcut which doesn't work. The shortcut enables switching between the header and source file but apparently the extension .cu is not recognized as a C++ source file. Here is how to fix it.

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