Other sources:

Geometry processing, FEM

Harmonic functions:

Triangle meshes:

Regular grids (TODO)

Implicit surface / distance field

Miscellaneous from other sources

Material from one of my former PhD director Pr. Loïc Barthe (mostly in French):

General 3D graphics

OpenGL 3.0

OpenGL 2.1

This is an old tutorial mostly about the deprecated openGL 2.1. It can be useful to understand old projects (many are still using GL 2.1) and is easier to learn at first. But since you will have to learn openGL 3.0 at some point you might want to jump to it directly. For an introduction to the more recent pipeline: open.gl seems to be a good starting point.

Note: this course was designed for Master students.


Practicals & Exercices



Q: Why do the police always travel in threes?
A: One to do the reading, one to do the writing, and the other keeps
an eye on the two intellectuals.